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Thanksgiving has all the right ingredients for success—family, food, football, and the promise of a morning full of low-priced shopping. It’s like a little slice of heaven on earth! Yet there is plenty that could go unexpected too. Families may … Continue reading

What’s the spookiest part of Halloween? The knee-high goblins and ghouls hyped-up on sugar? The playful neighbors who hide in costume to startle passing kids? Giant spider webs and plastic tombstones? Or is it something even scarier? Navigating neighborhood streets … Continue reading

An emergency is not when you want your kids to first learn how automobiles work. The perfect time to teach your kids about cars, in fact, is when they are still actually kids. At [atc], we believe in pride of … Continue reading

When you think about prepping your family to go back to school, your mind usually goes to the normal mental checklist—do the kids need new backpack or new shoes? Will I be judged if I pack my kids sandwiches or … Continue reading

High temperatures, longer days, and kids out of school can bring fun things like summer vacations, day trips, and extra family time. They can also bring safety hazards and driving challenges. Summer is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t let … Continue reading

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