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As you make headway on organizing and scrubbing your home, be sure to show your car a little TLC too. There are a lot of different methods for car cleaning, and—although they’ll all get your car clean—not all of these … Continue reading

We can’t overstate the importance of positive customer interactions. At [atc] AutoCenter, we strive to put our customers at the center of everything we do—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we really think we’re blessed … Continue reading

Ah, your garage. Remember how clean and desirable it looked when you first bought your home? You imagined sliding your car in with ease, stepping out into the cool darkness, and admiring your neatly organized memorabilia before slipping into your house. … Continue reading

Is there any time more gratitude filling than when you’re passing a basket of fragrant, fresh-baked bread to your favorite people? Sitting around the table, enjoying conversation with parents, siblings and children (and those random weird relatives), it’s the ideal … Continue reading

Fact or Myth? Test your knowledge of these enduring beliefs about cars. Putting premium gas into a vehicle that only requires regular unleaded will damage the car. FALSE. Putting premium unleaded into a car that only requires regular unleaded gas … Continue reading

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