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Our Brand Beliefs

The [atc] AutoCenter brandmark uses three visuals to serve as reminders for the company’s priorities which are “at the center” of everything we do.

The parentheses represent the past and future of the company. “At the center” is now…remembering our rich history and building toward the future.

The open box shape illustrates the goal to go beyond our customer’s expectations and innovate at every level of service while staying focused “at the center” on our values.

The “t” brings the eye to the center of the logo visually and symbolizes the values our customer’s find “at the center” (trust, talent, truth, teamwork, transmissions).


[atc] stands for “at the center.” And at the center you’ll rethink vehicle service and repair. Our care and attention goes beyond the car and beyond your expectations. At the center you’ll find a unique mix of Trust, Talent, Truth, Teamwork and, of course, Transmissions.

For drivers in the CSRA, it’s the automotive service and repair center, that restores trust in your vehicle and gives you peace of mind for your travels.

When you think of [atc] AutoCenter think…

trust in your vehicle, peace in your travels.
  • [atc] at the center is TRUST
  • [atc] at the center is TALENT
  • [atc] at the center is TRUTH
  • [atc] at the center is TEAMWORK
  • [atc] at the center is TRANSMISSIONS

That’s at the center. That’s [atc].

AutoCenter is trusted by:

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