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Steering & Suspension

Does your car steer to the side when the steering wheel is released?  Do you have to replace your tires often due to premature wear?  Does your steering wheel appear to be crooked?  Has your car been in a recent accident with front-end damage?  Have you hit a pothole or curb and it seems to have affected your car’s handling?

Then it’s time for an under-car suspension and alignment check.  Poor alignment is the main cause of early tire replacement. Wheel alignment helps prolong the life of your vehicle’s suspension components and tires by keeping the wheels headed in a straight line.

We will check all suspension components including:

  • Springs
  • Ball Joints
  • Tie-rod Ends
  • Steering Rack & Pinion / Gear Box and connecting linkages
  • Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Sway Bar and Connecting Links
  • Shocks and/or Struts

We will check to toe, caster and camber of each wheel to make sure it is set to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We’re very thankful to have a car care center that we trust. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable and they provide a hospitable environment to relax in.

Amanda Riggs

Excellent auto place!! Great work done! I usually go to a dealership for all work, however I needed something more custom and they did everything very well!

Daniel Forrester | Augusta, GA

[atc] sets the standard for how every business should operate. They clearly communicate what they are going to do, then they do what they say and stand by their work.

Steve Loflin | Augusta, GA

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