Chris Weeks

Certifications: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Southern Polytechnic State University
Hobbies: Golf, grilling, building a hot rod with my dad

First Car: ’90 Nissan Truck lowered

“I remember wiring up a home stereo with huge speakers in the back and riding in town at three in the morning with the volume as loud as it would go playing ‘hair band’ music.”

Jennifer Carter
Service Advisor

Certifications: Elite Masters Course
Hobbies: Piano, Cooking, Pinterest!

First Car: 2002 Green Saturn

“I thought I had a few days to fill it up when the oil light came on but the engine locked up…end of story!”

Wilbert Delgado

Certifications: ASE Master
10+ years of experience

First Car: 1989 Toyota Celica GT

Kevin Kennedy

34+ years sales experience
Hobbies: Classic Ford Mustangs
Pets: Bichons – J.J. and Puma

First Car: ’65 Ford Mustang Coupe

“Asked my mother if she would go with me to pick it up (in a hilly part of N.J.) in her ’69 Olds-Vista Cruiser wagon and brought a 20ft. chain to tow it home.”

Anthony Kim

9 months experience at [atc]
Hobbies: Video Games
Pets: Taylor, Ayden, and Bitsy

First Car: ’92 Grand AM


Randy Lahrman

11+ years experience
Certifications: AI Engine Repair, Manual Drive Train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, heating, air conditioning and engine performance.
Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle

First Car: ’72 Chevy C-10 Pick-Up

“I tried to jump a hill with the truck and knocked the batter into the fan and broke a ball joint.”

Kathleen Lariscy
Office Administration

30+ years of experience

First Car: 70 VW Convertible Beetle, bright orange with sporty wheels but no heat or AC
“Rode top down as much as I could – looked awful by the time I got where I was going but I didn’t mind. Wish I still had it!”


Cliff McNeese

12+ years of experience
Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle, off-roading, carpentry

First Car: ’00 Chevy S-10 Pick-Up

“It was my parents back-up vehicle and I actually ran into a parked car at a mall with it before they gave it to me. My dad’s friend helped me fix it so my parents wouldn’t find out.”

David Moore

20+ years of experience
Certifications: ASE Master
Hobbies: Then- Go Karts, Now- Fishing

First Car: ‘76 Chevy Camaro

“I tore up the trans going too fast down a dirt road, bottomed out and shoved the shift linkage in low gear at 50mph!”

Brandi Smith
Service Advisor
Scott Weeks

22+ years of experience
Hobbies: Music, history

First Car: ’93 Ford pickup truck, green

“It was my first “new” truck. I had some memorable trips in it.”

Matt Yount
Parts, Service Writer

22+ years of experience
Hobbies: Outdoors, my two cats GMan and Daisy

First Car: ’55 Chevy 210 Sedan

“I’ve been married 31 years, together for 36.”


Brian Weeks

Certifications: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Southern Polytechnic State University

First Car: ’65 Ford Mustang

“At the age of 12 I was pulled over while driving my dad’s Ford F-150 down Walton Way…with him in the passenger seat of course.”

Jomar Alvarado

5+ years experience
Hobbies: Working on cars and spending time with family

First Car: Honda Civic


Matthew Bell
Christian Caines

1+ years experience
Hobbies: Hiking and kayaking
Pets: Dog named Remington

First Car: ’91 Chevrolet S10

“The previous owner had installed dual exhaust on the truck and it made it sound ridiculous.”

Ethan Howell
Service Technician

5+ years experience
Pets: Dog Trixie

First Car: ’97 Ford Ranger

“The funniest thing about my first truck is every time my dad would touch it, it wouldn’t start and we had to replace the starter twice, but it was fun because I enjoyed working on the truck with my dad.”

Mary Jones
Service Advisor

Pets: a 22lb. cat named Henry and a Boxer/English Bulldog mix named Gideon.
Interesting Fact: When I was 17 [atc] did my transmission in my old Ford Taurus.

First Car: “The same Taurus, her nickname was Betsy. It got totaled in a wreck when a motorcycle made a left into the side of her.”

Cody Leeking
Service Advisor

Certifications: Elite Masters Course, Associates in Business Administration
3+ years of experience

First Car: ‘99 Ford Ranger

“It had no reverse and it would spin tires regardless how much throttle you gave it!”

Nathan Otterbein

8 years experience
Certifications: Engine repair, automatic and manual transmissions, electrical systems, Toyota master technician, ASE Master
Pets: Black Lab Marley and DSH cat named Tubbs

First Car: ’89 Plymouth Laser Turbo

“I bought it for $300 and had it towed home. No one could figure out why it wouldn’t start. I put a $50 power-train control module in it and it ran great!”

Dwight Viator

25 years experience
Certifications: Mazda Master, Misubishi Master, Certified Honda
Pets: 4  year old Bully Pitbull who thinks he is a lap dog
Interesting Fact: To do and show my kids whatever it takes that they need to succeed in life better than I did.

First Car: ’79 Buick Regal

“The timing jumped on my ’79 Buick Regal so I got a friend to tow me home. Well, as he was towing me back a person cut us off. My hyper friend forgot he was still towing me and stomped on the gas to run down the other driver. He ripped off my bumper leaving me sitting there!”

Toby Spivey