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Why is my car not as fast as it was?

Fuel System

Every time a vehicle’s driver presses the gas pedal, they are controlling how much fuel and air the engine takes in. How well this works is directly related to how clean the fuel entering the engine is.

How do I know if my fuel system needs service?

Your vehicle’s manual probably recommends having your fuel system cleaned at certain intervals. If you aren’t able to find it listed there, we have information for most makes and models and can help you know when it should be done.

However, your car may also have ways of letting you know when all is not well with your fuel system. If you encounter any of the following issues, it may be time to bring your car in for a fuel system service:

  • The check engine light comes on and we find a code telling us there’s a problem.
  • You notice that a tank of gas just doesn’t seem to go as far as it once did.
  • You begin to encounter poor acceleration and loss of power.

Contact us as soon as possible if you encounter any of these issues.

How does a fuel system work?

Every engine has a fuel filter, pump, and injectors that make up its fuel system. Gas in your car’s fuel tank is taken in by the fuel pump. Next, it travels along through lines underneath the car where it passes through the fuel filter. After being cleaned by the filter, gas is then sent to the fuel injectors which deliver it to the engine at precise intervals as needed.

The entire system is controlled by a computer that monitors the demands on your car’s engine and then tells the fuel system exactly how much fuel to give the engine in order to keep things running as efficiently as possible.

Why should I have my fuel system checked?

When the components of your car’s fuel system are clean and working in perfect harmony, your engine will perform at peak efficiency. However, it’s a filthy world you’re driving around in, so dirt and debris will eventually find its way into your fuel system. Over time, your fuel filter and other components can get clogged. And even though fuel quality has come a long way over the years, it also leaves behind deposits that build up in your system.

We recommend having your fuel system cleaned from time to time. Failing to maintain your fuel system can lead to:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency (a.k.a. – more money at the pump)
  • Poor responsiveness from your engine (a.k.a. – you just thought you could pass that guy)
  • Possible damage to important and expensive engine parts (a.k.a. – having to spend a lot more money than it would have cost to clean your fuel system)
What do we do in a typical fuel system service?

When you bring your car to [atc] for service, we will take note of any issues you describe related to the overall performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Then we will inspect the fuel system components and advise accordingly to correct those issues and get you running smoothly again.

In a typical fuel system service, we:

  1. Completely inspect the fuel system
  2. Clean fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers
  3. Remove any water found in the system
  4. Clear the throttle body and plate of any deposits or debris
  5. Remove deposits from the intake manifold
  6. Lubricate all components to help prevent future build-up of deposits

This is a procedure we do often, and it only takes a couple of hours. As with all regular maintenance tasks on your vehicle, spending a little bit of time and money on the front end can prevent quite a bit of expense and frustration later on.

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Fuel System Tips
  • ¼ is the new Empty. When you let your fuel tank get low, you expose some or all of your fuel pump. This can cause it to operate hotter than it would if completely submerged, leading to greater chances of overheating and damage. Also, the possibilities of debris getting sucked into an empty gas tank are higher than if it is full. So pretend that the ¼ mark is your new “empty”, and fill it up then. (You’re also a lot less likely to run out of gas and get stranded somewhere!)
  • Resist the urge to buy premium. Only around 6% of cars sold today actually need high octane fuel. The higher the octane, the higher the price. And you probably won’t see significant improvement over the “regular” stuff.
  • Lighten your load. Getting rid of unnecessary loads or people in your car can significantly improve fuel economy and reduce stress on your engine and fuel system. (Just don’t kick those people out in the middle of nowhere…that would be rude.)
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