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Oil Change Service in Augusta and Grovetown, GA

Why is a routine oil change service important?

For efficient vehicle performance, consider our oil change service in Augusta, GA, and Grovetown, GA. Just as your body requires fluids to function, your car relies on oil to run at its best. This vital fluid flows through the engine, providing lubrication, protection, and cleanliness for optimal operation.

How do I know if I need an oil change service?
  • Your engine seems louder than usual
  • The oil looks excessively dark and gritty
  • My maintenance light is on.
  • It’s past the date and/or miles on my windshield sticker.
How does oil work?

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Inherently, just like your body, it needs proper fluids and oil change service to function at 100%. It flows through the engine to lubricate it, protect it, and keep the internals of it clean.

Oil has detergents that suspend tiny dirt particles to keep them from building up in the engine–but there is only so much that it can hold.

Why should I invest in an oil change service?

Getting a regular oil change service is the single most important thing you can do for your car.

When engine oil has met its capacity, it’s like taking a shower with dirty water. Yuck, right!?

Consequently, once the oil gets contaminated with debris and builds up in the oil pan, it’s bad for the whole engine. The oil also breaks down over time and loses its ability to protect the vital engine parts.

Contamination and break down can lead to carbon build-up and “sludge” (it’s not a pretty sight—trust us).

In summary, a regular oil change service is crucial for your car’s overall health and avoiding them can lead to dire consequences for your vehicle.

What do we do in a typical oil change service?
  • Check engine oil level / condition upon arrival and record
  • Inspect for any leaks at the engine oil filter / drain plug and record
  • Drain old engine oil and inspect condition of drain plug and sealing washer
  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Refill with appropriate engine oil for application
  • Start engine, let it run for a short period, shut engine off, and re-check engine oil level
  • Check and top off all under hood fluids
  • Reset oil life minder
  • Perform a complementary [atc] Peace of Mind Inspection

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5 saving reasons to regularly service your oil

Smooth Ride: Bottom Saver
Clean oil means a smoother ride, better maneuverability, and more protection for your engine, so you can feel safe behind the wheel whether you’re running errands or cruising on the open highway.

More Money In Your Pocket: Money saver
An oil change costs around $35-$70 (depending on the car and type of oil). Moreover, new engine can cost several thousand dollars! This one is a no-brainer. Save yourself from major repairs by keeping up with this regular maintenance.

More Time On Your Calendar: Time Saver
Even if it seems inconvenient to stop off for an oil service a few times a year, most oil services allow you to get back to your day in just a little while. However, major repairs suck up much more time and can throw a big monkey wrench into your schedule.

Longer Life: Savings Saver
Clean oil means a longer life for your car. Clean oil lubricates all the inner workings of your car. Dirty oil is abrasive to the small, fast-moving parts that power your engine, but—with regular oil services—cars can last longer and be more dependable.

Sell Higher: Profit Saver
Clean oil means better resale value. Owners who can provide records of regular, steady oil service and routine maintenance can reap these benefits even after it’s time to move on to another car.

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