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Why are my tires wearing out so fast?


New tires are way more expensive than a good alignment. Save money over the life of your vehicle and have your alignment checked regularly.

How do I know if I need my alignment serviced?
  • Your car drifts to one side of the road or the other
  • Your tires are wearing out too quickly
  • Your tires are more worn on one side than the other
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when it should be straight

As if that wasn’t enough, it is possible for your wheels to be out of alignment and you never even notice! That’s why having your alignment checked regularly is a good idea.

How does an alignment work?

A vehicle wheel alignment is an elaborate process that adjust suspension so that all four wheels are parallel to each other and standing up straight so they roll perfectly flat on the road. This assures a smooth, straight ride. However, achieving that without sophisticated equipment is like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time – while juggling eggs and drinking water upside-down.  The equipment uses a computer connected to finely calibrated cameras to take the guesswork out and get things perfectly in line.

There are many different angles that are squared up during a typical alignment.  The most common three are toe, camber, and caster.

  • Toe: the angle at which the front edge of the two tires are either pointed in or pointed out (Think “pigeon-toed” or “duck-footed.”)
  • Camber: the angle at which wheels lean in or out (Think “knock-kneed” or “bow-legged.”)
  • Caster: the angle at which the tire pivots to aid in steering (Picture the front wheels – the “casters” – on a shopping cart. Their pivot point is just in front of the wheel as you’re rolling forward. It’s kind of like that.

The Toe, Camber, and Caster angles will need re-aligning after a while even under ordinary driving conditions. (Thank you, potholes.)

Why should I get alignment checked?
  • You will be buying a lot of tires if you don’t.
  • You will be buying a lot more gas if you don’t.

More than anything else, proper alignment keeps your tires from wearing down unevenly. Uneven tires makes your car harder to handle and not nearly as efficient. You’ll also be putting a lot more stress on important steering and suspension components, and those aren’t fun to have to repair.

New tires are way more expensive than a good alignment. Save money over the life of your vehicle and have your alignment checked regularly.

What do we do in a typical alignment service?

When you bring your car to have its wheel alignment checked, one of our technicians will connect each wheel to clamps that have special cameras and sensors attached. The computer will be able to “see” each wheel’s orientation and relationship to the other wheels and make precision adjustments.

During a typical alignment we:

  • Start and end with a test drive.
  • Check steering and suspension components for any possible damage.
  • Inspect tread wear patterns on your tires.
  • Make sure your tires are inflated properly.
  • Make sure your steering wheel is centered and the tires are in alignment

Georgia has a lot of roads that may or may not be in the best condition. A few well-placed potholes could ruin your ride. And those curbs you keep hitting aren’t helping either. Let us help get you straightened back o

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Four tips for keeping things in line

Keep your tires properly inflated.

They and your car were designed to work together perfectly. When they are over or under inflated, it affects everything else. Check your owner’s manual for the exact pressure.

Drive conservatively.

Hard braking, aggressive driving, and fast turns are a sure way to put strain on your steering components and mess up your car’s alignment. Take it easy (unless you have sponsors and your last name is Gordon, Petty, or Earnhardt).

Leave your stuff at home.

Believe it or not, using your trunk to haul all of your earthly possessions can actually cost you good money. The extra weight in the back changes the height of your car and can throw off your alignment.

Get on a schedule.

It’s easy to forget about your car’s alignment until it’s obvious something is wrong. Having it checked regularly (once a year is a good rule of thumb) can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

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