Being a family-owned business, we treat every employee and customer as family.

Mechanical engineers.

We love cars and engines and everything related. We love them so much that the owners – Brian and Chris Weeks – both earned Mechanical Engineering and Technology bachelor degrees from Southern Polytechnic State University. This lets us offer you the very best service possible for today’s advanced car systems.

Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s a bit out of the ordinary but we choose to close up shop on the weekends to give our staff time to be with their family and invest in the community. We believe this enables our team of professionals to work with excellence and better serve our customers throughout the week by giving them time to recharge with their families and give back to the community.

Family owned and operated.

Cars run in our family’s blood. Our grandfather started working on cars in the mid-50’s. Then our dad and uncles started [atc] in 1972. Brian and Chris (the sons) grew up racing, earned degrees in mechanical engineering, purchased [atc], and have continued the family tradition.

A CSRA legacy.

We value community. We love the CSRA and see [atc] as a way to serve our neighbors and to give back.

Living [atc].             

We see [atc] as more than a business, we see it as a way of life. “At the center,” you will find trust, talent, truth, teamwork, and (of course) transmissions. We encourage balance and margin in all areas to get the most out of life. We strive to live out this “[atc] spirit” with our customers, our team, our families, and our community.