Infographic: 7 Ways To Get the Most From Your Car’s Brakes

The break-in period is when brake pad material is deposited onto the rotors and can last up to a week. So go easy on them so they last longer and stay noise-free!

Stopping from 65 versus 55 mph forces your brakes to use about 1/3 more energy. Brakes sacrifice their lives by turning that energy into heat. A little less speed means a lot less heat!

No Lefties
Only use your right foot to brake! You’ll avoid pushing both pedals or dragging the brakes by accident.

Coast 2 Coast
If you know you’ll have to stop at the end of a freeway off-ramp, coasting from 70 down to 50 mph before you brake will significantly reduce brake wear.

Look Ahead!
Look far enough ahead to start braking sooner before stoplights and slowing traffic. Especially going down hills. This will reduce your stress and save your brakes!

Don’t Copycat
Don’t press the brake pedal just because someone in front of you does. Look ahead and avoid excessive brake use.

Lose Some Weight
Don’t carry unnecessary stuff. Some aftermarket parts — like tires and wheels — can add a lot of weight. A heavier vehicle is harder on brakes. And tires. And gas.

7 Ways To Get the Most From Your Car’s Brakes



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