Mom’s do a lot for their families. Between school, work, and chauffeuring, moms not only never stop working—they’re virtually always in the car. Whether picking kids up from school, dropping off lunches, bustling to meetings, off-roading in the woods, or dashing to soccer practice, there are plenty of times that moms wish for a few lifehacks to make the commute a bit easier.

If you’re in the market for a new ride for the mother in your life, try one of these specialized, state-of-the-art vehicles this Mother’s Day.


Sporty Mom Sequoia

Soccer practice, cheerleading tryouts, and football games? Not a problem in this SUV built for the ultimate team mom. Watch sports-induced stress disappear in this 16-seat SUV with built-in coolers for post-game snacks and juiceboxes, and ceiling racks for bats, gloves, cleats, balls, and pom-poms. The vehicle boasts 16 seats so the whole team can ride together and practice their fight songs.[1]

Have a giant mascot? Upgrade to the XL, bobblehead-friendly package for lots of extra room. The back hatch on this vehicle extends out to become a fully functional canopy for rainy days, and lawn chairs tuck neatly into the rear bumper so you’re never without seating. A light tap on the horn plays “We Are The Champions” so everyone on the road knows exactly who is going to walk off the field (or drive off the highway) a winner.

CEO Mom Mercedes

Forget in-car coffeemakers, this sleek ride offers built in double espresso shots and skim milk frothers for the mom who needs to be at every meeting on time and wide awake—even if she’s already been up all night with the kids. Cutting edge technology allows the glove compartment to fold out into a full-size fridge with space for up to 42 lunches (one for mom, dad, a couple of kids and their friends) so the ultimate organized mom can pre-pack food for the entire week and then forget about it (because you have enough to think about).

A small iron plugs into the cigarette lighter so mom AND kids look sharply-creased and ready to roll at any given moment. To encourage a healthy mix of work and play, the CEO Mercedes boasts an extra-wide trunk that converts into a fully-functioning hot-yoga studio for when you need a little lunchtime relaxation. And of course the car is Bluetooth enabled so you can facilitate a meeting and play car games with your kids at the same time. [2]


Super Mom Odyssey

This is more than just a car—it’s a concierge service for the mom who has a full plate (plus a little more) and still manages to get everything done. Have trouble making it out the door on time with all your kids? No problem. The Odyssey uses a series of ultra-long robotic arms to locate and collect your children, then buckle them neatly into safety-compliant carseats. Each seat offers picky-eater-approved snack cups and spill-proof juice cups. Worried about crumbs? Not a problem. The floors of this car are wired to help with the messiness of everyday life–a toy-sorter sucks up dropped toys and drops them into a neatly organized pile in the trunk, and the carpets are made to instantly suck up and “eat” crumbs, pet hair, and dried-up play dough.

A one-piece washing machine is nestled discretely into the glove compartment so moms can pop in a pizza-stained shirt at the beginning of the ride and pull it out fluffed and folded at the end of the trip. A robot reminds mom each morning of upcoming doctors appointments, birthday parties, field trips, daycare snack obligations, and more (and of course it finishes by reassuring her that she’s winning at this whole mom thing).


Wilderness Mom Wagoneer

Get ready moms—adventure awaits in the great outdoors. Whether you’re a mom who likes to camp, fish, hike, hunt, or just get out and commune with nature. The Wagoneer is perfect for navigating every bump, crack, or mountain edge you may encounter. The vehicle emits bug-repelling odors around the clock, so you never have to worry about a mosquito bite or tick again.

Giant mud flaps keep your wheels from getting damaged, and giant flaps pull out and form the walls of a built-in shower system. A special GPS system alerts the driver to any and every hike-worthy waterfall or trail in the vicinity, and a quiet alarm sounds off when a 12-point deer lurks nearby. Whether you love roughing-it or “glamping” (glamorous camping), this is the wagoneer for you.

Moms work hard and drive even harder (how is that not on a t-shirt yet)? Make life on the road a little more pleasant by investing in one of these rides so your special lady has the best Mother’s Day ever!

[1] Seating includes two heavily air-conditioned roof seats.
[2] Not recommended while driving.

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