You Never Forget Your First Love

I remember nervously playing with my keys as I checked her out and worked up the courage to approach her. She seemed too good to be true, with her all-American look, her sassy attitude, and a knockout body that caused other men to stop and stare.

Yep, from bumper to bumper, she was mine.

Okay, so I’m talking about my first car. Sure, she had some mileage under the hood and a few dings on her exterior, but—until I met the real knockout that eventually became my wife, this was my first love.

Do you remember falling in love for the first time with your first car?

We asked customers for funny stories and fond memories from their first car and got some pretty sweet responses.

“In the early 1950’s I was head over heels in love with my beautiful girlfriend. One icy cold night we were sitting in my first car, a ’51 Frazer, talking for hours until the windows were all steamed up. Noticing how beautiful she looked in the moonlight, I made a spur of the moment decision and leaned forward to write, “will you marry me?” on the windshield. She smiled, leaned forward, and wrote, “yes” with her finger. It was the best decision I ever made. We were married for 54 years and went through half a dozen cars before she went to be with the Lord nine years ago. I can still picture how beautiful she looked in my car on that cold, wonderful night.”

Ray C.

“My first car was an Acura Integra that my parents gave me on my 16th birthday in ’99. I loved that car, but I also used it to pull some really crazy stunts. I particularly remember daring my best friend to run full speed at my car while I drove slowly towards him. In our adolescent minds, he could run up the hood, jump through the sunroof, and land squarely in the passenger seat. In reality, he bounced off my windshield (causing a huge crack) and ended up on the pavement with a bruised body and ego. Things could have been a LOT worse. Now that I’m a dad, I can only hope and pray that my son is never as dumb as me when he gets a car. But you do crazy things when you’re in love (with your car)…”

Steve S.

“I was clueless when I got my first car, but I couldn’t have been more excited. I jetted all over town, often paying for gas with handfuls of nickels and dimes. Once I went inside the gas station, handed the attendant ten bucks for gas, then got back in my car and drove off without pumping. I didn’t realize it until several hours later, when I almost broke down on the highway with an empty tank!”

Michelle A.

 “My first car was a 1979 Chevy Chevette, 4 speed manual with holes in the floor so big you could see the street. Eventually the rust took such a toll that the body was resting on the driveshaft and caused smoke to come up through the car. I noticed when people were sitting in the backseat it didn’t happen because their weight lifted the body off the driveshaft. With this scientific discovery in mind, I drove around with a 120 pound punching bag in my back seat for a few months before getting another dream car, a 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit.”

Todd H.

“I loved my first car, a green Honda, until I almost destroyed it! The car was already a decade old and had over 100,000 miles when I got it, and by the time I sold it the windows were duct-taped on, the paint had almost completely peeled off, and several interior items had fallen off. Once I spilled something on myself in the car, stopped at a coffee shop to change in the bathroom, and a woman in the shop noticed my new outfit and my junky car and bought me a coffee because she thought I was homeless!”

Alan J.

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