Put A Little Vroom In Mom’s Gift This Year

Mom spends a lot of time in the car. She runs errands, taxis younger family members to their destinations, commutes to work, takes care of older family members, and, when everything’s finished, she runs more errands.

If you’re scrambling for a last minute Mothers Day gift for your mom, wife, or another important mother in your life, why not consider sprucing up her car with some of these unique ideas she’s sure to love?

Clean her car

This is the most obvious but often the most appreciated thing you can do. Mom has to cart around quite a lot of stuff—everything from coloring books to soccer balls to snacks to work documents to groceries—and it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Throw out the trash and organize the contents of the car, then vacuum the seats and floors, wipe down the dashboard, squeegee the windows (be sure to get the fingerprints off the inside of the glass), and give the exterior a good scrubbing. If you want to get really fancy, prop a Mother’s Day card on the driver’s seat so she has something sweet to read at the beginning of her special day.

Get her car serviced

When a mom realizes she’s overdue for a service she doesn’t have time to drop everything and take care of this important chore. If her oil isn’t due for a change any time soon, drop by [atc] for our Peace of Mind Inspection to make sure everything else is running smooth.

Glam it up

Your mom might enjoy some new bling for her ride. Whether it’s a charm for her rearview mirror, a steering wheel cover in her favorite color, or seat covers that sport the logo for her favorite football team, your mom will be delighted if she opens her car to find some fancy finishing touches. (Be warned though: bumper stickers = bad idea).

Update her emergency roadside kit

Mom may not notice this right away, but it could come in handy someday—and even save her life. A lot of people don’t switch out their summer and winter emergency kits, so make sure she has the appropriate items readily available in her trunk. Emergency kits should always include flashlights, jumper cables, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, blankets, a cell-phone charger, and a first-aid kit.

Have her car detailed

Here’s a little secret—moms love it when something gets deep-cleaned and they’re not the ones who have to do it. This one can be a little pricey depending on which company you deal with, but quality detailing companies can get out a lot of baked-in stains. Cheerios crushed deep into the rugs? Gone. Coffee stains? Nada. Detailing mom’s car can make her feel like she is driving off the lot in a brand new car.

Get new tunes installed

This can be a more expensive choice, but, if mom loves cranking up her favorite tunes, consider getting a new sound system installed or subscribe to satellite radio. She’ll love blasting her musical favorites when she’s by herself, and it could even make listening to Elsa sing “Let it Go” 800 times in a row somewhat bearable.

Create a “Mom Survival Kit”

Moms not only have to taxi the family around town quite a bit, but they frequently wait in the car for family members outside of stores or practices. Make the in-between times a little more pleasant with these inexpensive luxuries: fill a decorative tote bag with a couple of her favorite books or magazines, plastic containers of her favorite snacks (nothing that will melt, so shoot for pretzels, nuts, hard candies, etc.), a fragrant car spray, and an inexpensive gift card for coffee or fast food. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving.

We’d love to see what you did for your special mom- send us a picture and description!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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