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Do I need to maintain my transmission?

Transmission Repair

Transmissions are actually tough and durable. But they need to be maintained properly or they fail, in a big way.

How do I know if I need to have my transmission serviced?
  • My transmission fluid is turning dark and/or has signs of particles.
  • My transmission is not shifting as smoothly as it once did.
  • My vehicle has 50,000 miles or more on it.
How do transmissions work?

Your transmission works with your engine to give power to the wheels. It takes your engine’s power and turns it into the rotational force called torque. That force is then sent to the axles to make your wheels turn at the rate your speed and load needs.

Why should I get my transmission serviced?

Transmissions are actually tough and durable. But they need to be maintained properly or they fail, in a big way. The fluid keeps the internal parts cool and lubricated.

Over time the fluid naturally breaks down. The grit and grime from old fluid clogs up your transmission’s maze of passages and eats away at the seals and gaskets.

Clean fluid protects the transmission from heat and keeps it shifting smoothly so we recommend servicing it at least every 50,000 miles. Or check your owner’s manual for a manufacturer suggested schedule.

What do we do in a typical transmission service?

We know transmissions. Heck- It used to be our middle name! (Augusta Transmission Clinic). With so many moving parts, transmissions can easily be the scariest part on your vehicle. Not to us! We’ve been the transmission experts for over 50 years. So if it’s repairing one small part, an overhaul or doing a complete replacement, you can trust us to get you back on the road of life.

We remove, inspect and clean the transmission pan. A new filter and pan gasket are then installed, and the transmission is filled with new fluid. After all adjustments are made we test-drive your vehicle for proper operation and the fluid level is re-checked.

[atc]’s Premium Automatic Transmission Service with full synthetic ATF prevents deposit formation, restores performance, and prolongs the life of your transmission.

We stand behind our work and the parts we use so you can have [trust] in your vehicle and peace in your travels!

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5 tips for taking care of your transmission

Keep It Clean
Dirty transmission fluid and deposits can ruin your transmission. It’s like liquid sandpaper eating away at the important stuff like clutches, bushings, and seals. So, have your fluid and filter serviced regularly for smooth operation and long life.

Avoid E-Stress
Ever parked on a steep incline and struggled to move the shifter out of park?  You use excessive force and suddenly it comes out with a loud bang.  Improper use of the emergency brake can cause too much stress parking mechanism and linkage inside the transmission. You should apply your emergency brake before shifting into park. Then disengage your emergency brake after shifting your transmission from park into gear.

Rock It Out
Excessive wheel spinning in rain, mud, or snow can lead to an early failure of your transmission. If you regain traction the wheels speed will drop too suddenly and potentially damage the transmission. So rock it out- forward and reverse- until you’re free.

Avoid Overload
When you carry or tow heavy loads your transmission needs to work harder. That means it’s running hotter…and heat kills. Weight isn’t the only thing that gives your car a temperature. Skip the full throttle, jack rabbit starts too!

Chill Out
If heavy loads are your thing then consider getting an auxiliary transmission cooler. It can help your transmission run 30% to 50% cooler when towing. That’ll keep your engine chill too!

Transmission Service Near Me

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