Finding an Auto Service Shop You’ll Fall in Love With

It can be hard to find a perfect match. Oh, you know it’s out there—the one that’s so polite it’ll make you swoon; so trustworthy it’ll make you melt; so talented that you’ll be impressed all day long. But how to find such a dreamy match? A quick internet search? Scouring to the ends of the earth? Or maybe a friend who could set up awkward first introductions?

Let’s face it…finding the right car shop for you can be trickier than it seems.

It can involve invested time, effort, and money to settle on a car shop where you feel comfortable. Many people put off minor car issues until they become major ones simply because they can’t find the shop for regular tune-ups and basic preventative maintenance. But they end up spending much more in the long run due to major issues that creep up over time.

When you are connected to a car shop you trust and even enjoy working with, you will ultimately have a much healthier and longer-lasting vehicle.

Finding the right shop is important, and there are several practical steps you can take to discover the right place.

  1. Find a place that communicates. Initial estimates, on-going changes, updates, cost adjustments, pick-up times, and follow-up—it all matters. The shop should call or text you when changes arise so you’re constantly updated.
  2. Find a place that offers experience and expertise. AAA, ASE, NAPA, and other car-based organizations offer certifications for shops who meet certain requirements, so be sure to do a little research to make sure your car is in capable hands.
  3. Find a place with a great reputation. Online reviews make this easier than ever, and—here in the friendly communities in the South–it’s still possible to ask around and see what folks say about their experiences with the shop.
  4. Find a place that stands behind their work. Without a warranty, you can’t be sure about the long-term quality of your car service. So look for warranty offers on different types of service.
  5. Find a place that is convenient for you. Today, some shops will let you make an appointment online rather than spending your lunch break on the phone. Pick a place with a convenient location and easy scheduling to expedite your service or tune-ups.
  6. Find a place with a pleasant environment. A clean and comfortable environment goes a long way in making your day a little more pleasant, so find a shop you don’t mind sitting in. A positive and courteous staff make for a pleasant experience.

When it comes to finding the perfect match, don’t settle—find a solid place that will fix things quickly, efficiently, and honestly. Your schedule will thank you today, and your car will thank you for years to come.

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