5 Star Customers

We can’t overstate the importance of positive customer interactions. At [atc] AutoCenter, we strive to put our customers at the center of everything we do—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we really think we’re blessed with an outstanding clientele.

Our employees come to work with a positive attitude every day because they can’t wait to spend time with the customers who brighten up our office. We work hard to make sure everything is right the first time because we genuinely want you to be safe on the road.

And we can’t help but smile when we see our regular customers roll through the doors (even if that means a little trouble is rumbling under the hood).

There are so many customers that we could say great things about. We asked our team members to share some of their favorite stories….

Willie has to be my favorite customer. Ever since I’ve been at [atc], Willie has always been my “ray of sunshine”. Whenever he comes in, he shows me an adorable picture of these three husky puppies and claims they’re his just to make me smile. He will tell me stories of Vietnam, and all about his morning walks in the mall. Most of all, though, we have great respect for one another because of our foundation of trust. It doesn’t matter what we find out about his car, he knows our integrity and our abilities to find whatever the problem may be. Because of that, he allows us to fix whatever we feel is necessary. Whether it’s his Ford Taurus, Oldsmobile Cutluss, or–my personal favorite—a 1987 Buick Lesabre (my birth year), he knows when he walks out this door he will have peace of mind. Willie is not just a customer, but a true friend.

If I had to choose my favorite customer it would have to Harold–or Smiley, as we call him. Smiley is from New York and expects everything quick. I’m pretty sure we were the first true Southern business experience that he ever encountered. Well needless to say his first experience did not turn out the way he expected. He came in for a quick tire repair that ended up taking three hours that day. I kept checking on him every 15 minutes until we finally started a conversation that lasted at least an hour. A week later he ended up with car complications and—long story short—we ended up interacting with each over the course of two months as we tried to get his car permanently fixed. Since he came in so often we would just pick up our conversation right we left off like old friends, wondering what was new with each other and what we have been up to. To this day he has been here 12 times for vehicle repairs and sometime he just stops by to get a good laugh from me. He might be an old guy but he has a young soul and cares about many people in his life and I truly believe he cares about me just like I care about him. He would definitely be my pick hands down!

The first customer that comes to mind is Anna. She is awesome! Anna was one of my first customers. But every time she comes in, she’s always so happy and positive, even if she is a little stressed about her car.

Then there is sweet Ms. Jackson. She and her daughter bring their vehicles to us, all three of them.  She likes to pop in every once and awhile and bring donuts (we like it too). Mrs. Jackson does her research; she is quite knowledgeable about a lot of different things!

As one of our team said, “We have wonderful people all the way around.” We love serving our customers every single day. Thanks!

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