Get your family (and your vehicle) ready for the new school year

Getting your car checked out early can get rid of some of the stress that goes with the back-to-school blues.

If you’re like most parents, you’re clinging on to the law few days of summer for dear life.

As the evenings get shorter (but still hot!), you know the time spent playing outside instead of finishing homework is almost gone.

They’re excited about new clothes, backpacks, and binders. But you’re already dealing with the impending stress of getting everyone up, fed, dressed, and out the door at the crack of dawn.

Every. Weekday.

The new school year will have its share of challenges but prepping in advance can nix your concerns before the first bell rings.

If you’re driving your kids back and forth to school (or if your teens are driving themselves), safety is one of your major concerns.

You’re going to want to make sure the car is in tip-top shape before your (unpaid) chauffeuring career commences again.


Oil Change

Getting an oil change is the most important thing you can do to keep your car running smoothly. This seems like common sense, right?

Everyone gets oil changes every 3,000 miles? Wrong!

It’s amazing how long some ignore the oil light on their dashboard. They continue to drive thousands of miles with dirty oil cycling through the engine.

Oil changes are quick and cheap, but if you put it off too long you can end up with complicated and expensive issues.

Not to mention that you could end up breaking down on the side of the road with a carpool full of kids.

Don’t worry, while you’re waiting for the tow-truck they’ll entertain you by singing the entire Frozen soundtrack.



Making sure your tires are in great shape is another priority when it comes to ensuring that your vehicle is safe.

Many people buy new tires and have them installed without getting them realigned—this is a risky move.

We always inspect tires and make sure that they’re properly aligned at installation to prevent future problems.

Additionally, if you’re due for new tires, make sure that they’re the right size for your car. Oversized tires lead to serious problems.



Finally, just like your kids need check-ups and physicals, so does your car. Drop your car off at [atc] Auto Center for it’s annual check-up/tune-up.

It’s important to have your car inspected by a professional from bumper to bumper every year. That will keep it running safely and smoothly.

It may be tempting to skip this when your vehicle seems to be working okay. But the first signs of a problem are often subtle and can only be detected by the people who know what to look for.

This check-up won’t break the bank, either— call us and schedule a quick tune-up— a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Getting your car taken care of is one less thing you have to worry about this school year.

That means you get to spend a few more days perfecting your tan, catching up on a bit more summer reading, and most importantly, spending extra time with those crazy kiddos you love so much.

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