Whether it’s pulled pork, brisket, or ribs, when it comes to barbeque, everyone knows what they love.

The great debate over the best barbeque sauce will always make for lively conversation at the dinner table. Georgians love to lather their barbeque in sweet and smokey sauces, while those in South Carolina love their tangy mustard and vinegar based sauces.

No matter what combination of smoked meat and sauce you love, you can find right here in Augusta.

We’re gonna look at five great barbeque restaurants in the CSRA that have people coming back for more.

Sconyers BBQ

When it come’s to ol’ school southern barbeque in Augusta, it doesn’t get much older than Sconyers Bar-B-Que. Founded in 1956 by Claude and Adeline Sconyers after giving up their family farm to pursue their hobby of making great barbeque, Sconyers has become an Augusta staple.

The large Sconyers sign on Peach Orchard Road, with a pig laying on a big log, is an Augusta landmark for those who grew up here.

The restaurant is a two-story wood log home that has a small duck pond out front and a large deck where a blue grass band can often playing on weekends. Inside Sconyers Bar-B-Que, the wood log walls transport you to another place and time. The waitresses wear period outfits and have a friendly smile when they deliver your plate piled high of pulled pork and hash. The atmosphere is family friendly and makes for a great experience.

They offer smokey meats such as T-Loin, pulled pork, beef, chicken and turkey. Their delicious sides include hash and rice, potato salad, and delicious bread and butter pickles.

You don’t have to worry about leaving hungry at Sconyers. While waiting on your food, the waitress drops a loaf of white bread and a bowl of bread and butter pickles on your table, along with a variety of sauces. When your food comes, you’ll be impressed how much barbeque and sides they can pile on a plate.

If you’re looking for a great atmosphere to go along with your bar-b-que, then Sconyers is the place to go.

SmokeShow BBQ

SmokeShow Southern Style BBQ was created by four high school friends who wanted to combine their love of BBQ, family recipes, and Augusta. SmokeShow doesn’t have a brick and mortar restaurant, but provides their delicious smoked meats and sides from multiple food trucks that can be seen throughout the CSRA.

When passing a SmokeShow food truck, there’s almost always a line of people who are trying not to drool in public.

SmokeShow has a limited menu, but what they do they very well. Their menu includes pulled pork, smoked chicken, sausage, and ribs. The family recipes they incorporate really shine in their sides, that include collard greens, hash & rice, and Crazy P’s slaw.

Their most popular side is Momma’s Mac, “Our #1 best selling side! Real cheese, real milk, real butter-all of the good stuff! Delish!”

SmokeShow Southern Style BBQ quick service, it’s a great stop on your way to the lake or good dinner for the family. They also provide a catering service for weddings and special events. Definitely keep them in mind for those big family get togethers!

The Pot Smoker BBQ

Don’t let the name fool you, this restaurant is not run by a bunch of hippies. Eighteen years ago, when Bobby started developing recipes and techniques for smoking meats, his friends would ask how he created such delicious meats.

“I would explain to them that the meats were smoked in a ceramic smoker. At the time no one was familiar with ceramic smokers, so I would explain to them that it was almost like two ceramic flower pots sitting on top of each other. Friends would joke around after I explained how the meats were smoked and started referring to it as “Pot Smoked” meat, which in turn made me the “Pot Smoker”.

Bobby has implemented the four “F’s” into his business: Faith, Family, Food, and Friends, and it shows. The Pot Smoker BBQ has two locations in Aiken and North Augusta.

Their selection of smoked meats include ribs, pulled pork, chicken and brisket. If you’re really hungry, they offer the Beefosaurus Rib Plate on Saturdays.

They have the classic sides we love like coleslaw, mac-n-cheese and squash. You don’t see many BBQ restaurants that offer a Taco Tuesday, but the Pot Smoker BBQ does. Who wouldn’t love a pulled pork taco!

Both of their locations have a woodsy decor with picnic tables and wood cladding that creates a relaxing and family-oriented feel.

Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-B-Q

Willie Jewels rich history is about as rich as their amazing sauces, dating back to 1949 in Jacksonville, Florida originally named Bono’s Bar-B-Q. Willie Jewel started as a cook for Bono’s in 1980, and assisted in bringing old family recipes to their menu. Willie was not only an amazing cook, but also an amazing woman.

“As she went to work in their family restaurants, she quickly proved that she could cook almost anything and commanded respect in the kitchen. They soon discovered an amazing lady who would change their lives forever. Not only was Willie Jewell an exceptional cook, but she had a sharp wit and an immeasurable heart.”

Willie Jewels has an eclectic menu of all the BBQ meats you would expect, from pulled pork and brisket, as well as smoked turkey, sausage, and chicken.

They carry a variety of sandwiches and burgers, as well one called the Bird dog, that stacked with smoked turkey and sausage.

Willie Jewells “ol’ school” sides include Brunswick stew, collard greens, and Mac n’ cheese. Once you’ve loosened your belt, it’s time to dive one of their banana pudding, bread pudding, and peach cobbler.

The restaurant has look and feel like place you stumble upon on an old Georgia highway with its wood floors and walls.

BBQ Barn

The BBQ Barn is family owned restaurant in North Augusta that specializes in southern style barbeque. Jody Glover love of cooking bbq started at age 12 cooking for family events and at his father’s convenience store.

The BBQ Barn was highlighted int the June 2012 Issue of Southern Living Magazine as part of “The South’s Best Butt.”

The BBQ Barn has an extensive menu of smoked meats from Brisket, Burnt Ends, Pork Loin, and Turkey Breast. Their classic selection of sides include hash and rice, potato salad and baked beans and much more.

The BBQ Barn offers five different sauces to cater to everyone’s taste. They offer three red sauces, one that’s vinegar based and two others that are smokey, sweet, and spicy. They also offer two South Carolina style yellow sauces.

You will have a big smile on your face when you finish off your pulled pork plate with a big piece of Gooey Butter Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, or Coconut cake.

The BBQ Barn offers a lot of catering options as well.

“We have catered for small groups to giant corporate meetings of up to 1,000 people and have supplied menus ranging from $10 to as much as $300 a plate. Depending on what you wish, the BBQ Barn can provide a uniformed staff, complete with decor such as fountains and chandeliers.”

Make the trip to North Augusta and swing by the BBQ Barn for some delicious southern style barbeque.

Augusta has a lot to offer when it comes to barbeque and each of these restaurants have a unique style in delivering their own great barbecue and sides. It’s amazing how barbeque has a way of bringing people together and all five of these restaurants will have you leaving full, happy, and with a little more love for your family and friends.

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